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General Information

Kalimantan is the largest island in Indonesia and third Largest Island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea. The Word "Kalimantan" derives from ancient "Malay" language which means "River of Diamond". The Northern part of Kalimantan is owned by Malaysia and Brunei. Dayak tribe is the original ethnic of Kalimantan, and there are several sub ethnic of dayak separates around Kalimantan. The one in the East Kalimantan is Kayan - Kenyah Dayak who lives in East Kalimantan along Mendalam River.

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PT. Bhumi Manimbora Interbhuwana
Komp. Balikpapan Permai blok G-1 No.34
Jl. Jend Sudirman, Balikpapan

East Kalimantan - Indonesia
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Climate Condition

Because Indonesia lies on Equator line, generally the climate is tropical warm, sunny and humid for all year-round. There are 2 seasons, the rainy season begins around November to April and the dry season lasts May to October. However, around Kalimantan, sometimes the rain runs longer or finish earlier. The average temperature in East Kalimantan is around 25 Celcius - 35 Celcius degree.


Transit City Information

Balikpapan - Famous with its oil production, where Pertamina oil Company which owned by Indonesian Government dominates among oil companies in Balikpapan. It contributes in large number of total oil production in national scale. There are many expatriates or overseas workers lives in Balikpapan City, and most of them working in local oil company or overseas oil company.
There is a city Tour that may take you to some famous destinations in Balikpapan, ranging from Crocodile Farm at Teritip, Kebun Sayur, Traditional market for dayak`s handicraft hunting, and city sightseeing around Balikpapan. If you interested to join this City Tour you may ask our staffs for the schedule and cost, including lunch at "Kenari" seafood restaurant which served famous "Mud" Crab dish such as: Chili Sauce Crab or Garlic Fried Crab.

Berau - an under developing city that lays down on trading and wood industries as major local economy wheels. Berau is one of nearest spot from rainforest jungles which spreads along Kalimantan region. Transit from Berau, to reach Derawan you will cruise along berau river by boat. The river is the most popular transportation - way among local people there. The both side of the river lies mangroves forest with variety of tropical mangrove plants and good opportunity to see red nose monkeys and mangrove snakes. It takes about 50 Minutes to cruise the river and 1 hour to pass East Kalimantan mangrove beachs to reach Derawan.

Tarakan - a small Island located east of East Kalimantan, near Tawao, Malaysia region. Tarakan has become a popular transit city for International trading between Indonesian and Malaysian Bussinessman, This situation boosting the appearance of new hotels around the city. If you want to buy certain Malaysian products such as snacks, dairy product, and toilet products tarakan would be a perfect spot for it. It takes approximately 3 hours by boat to reach Derawan from tarakan.


Travel Tips

  To reach Derawan Island you may choose flight route either from Balikpapan or from Tarakan, Our staff will stand by at the airport to help you with  luggage handling, check in and domestic Airport tax service (condition applied) There are several routes available for your conveniences

Flight Route Flight Number Time  Day
Singapore - Balikpapan MI 847 07.55  -  10.15 Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat
By SILKAIR MI 849 13.50  -  16.10 Tue,  Fri,  Sun
Balikpapan - Singapore  MI 846 11.00  -  13.12 Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat
By SILKAIR MI 848 17.00  -  19.15 Tue,  Fri,  Sun
Jakarta - Balikpapan  RI 394 06.15  -  09.15 Daily
Balikpapan - Tarakan RI 394  09.45  -  10.45  
By MANDALA      
Tarakan - Balikpapan  RI 395 11.15  -  12.15 Daily
 Balikpapan - Jakarta  RI 395 12.45  -  13.45  
By MANDALA      
Jakarta - Balikpapan  SJ 160 06.40  -  09.40 Daily
Balikpapan - Tarakan SJ 164 10.10  -  11.10  
Balikpapan - Tarakan SJ 162 13.00  -  14.00  
Tarakan - Balikpapan  SJ 165 11.40  -  12.40 Daily
Tarakan - Balikpapan  SJ 163 14.30  -  15.30  
 Balikpapan - Jakarta  SJ 161 13.10  -  14.10  
Balikpapan - Berau TGN 161 10.40  -  11.40 Daily except Sunday
By KALSTAR TGN 163 14.00  -  15.00  
Berau - Balikpapan  TGN 160 08.30  -  10.00 Daily except Sunday
By KALSTAR TGN 162 12.00  -  13.30  
Tarakan - Balikpapan  7P 252 07.45  -  08.45 Daily